The blogger decried the plain vanilla home: white walls, white woodwork, beige carpet and countertops, boring tile. Yep, I’ve seen my share of those, especially if the house is now vacant.

Much has been written about sellers de-personalizing their homes and using neutral colors. And both these recommendations still ring true; however, doing something to make the home memorable is also a good idea.

If the home is vacant, consider hiring staging because it helps buyers more accurately judge room size. If the seller still resides in the home, staging is still important. You don’t want to be remembered at the house with too much furniture. Your furniture may have been right as a home you lived in, but sellers need to show off the house and its rooms in the best possible light. But even an expertly staged home needs to stand out in buyer’s minds. Here are a few suggestions to make your home memorable.

  • Have a variety of snacks available, for example, single serving, 100 calorie packages of cookies or crackers, bottles of water, or individually wrapped candies. This is especially true if your Realtor® holds an open house.
  • Consider an eye-catching and decorative poster that speaks to the home’s or neighborhood’s good points and thanking the buyers for visiting. Clear stands designed for an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet can be placed on the counter in the kitchen with copies for the buyers to take with them.
  • Have music going when there’s a showing or open house scheduled.

An immaculate homes is always a good way for a home to stand out. Real living can make “the immaculate” hard if not impossible, so if needed aim at not being the house buyers remember for poor housekeeping. All you need is a little something that helps buyers remember your home. The little thing that reminded me and my clients of a particular house was the plaque on the kitchen stove that read, “Kitchen Closed Due to Illness—I’m sick of cooking!”