The link below will take you to 8 tips that can help you give your home the face lift it needs to make that great first impression. I like the inexpensive tips like those that requiring a little elbow grease to get the yard in shape or the front door cleaned up. But the comments about the roof are also very important. As a buyer's agent, the roof is one of the things I check out on the way in the door. What roof doesn't need a little attention? You may have a missing shingle or two or an edge that needs some sealant. A few fixes before a buyer has an inspection done, can make your negotiation position much stronger. The bit on the roof may sound ominous, but don't worry. The most important tips are about cleaning up and straighening up just like you need for the interior of your home. Probably my favorite tip is the one about adding color by planting a few flowers. It amazes me how much life a few flowers can breath life into a home's curb appeal. Here's the link.