According to the NAR (National Association of Realtors®), only 11% of all homes are sold by owners. Even more telling is that, of those who tried to sell their home themselves, 89% ended up using a professional Realtor®. Another little factoid is that homes sold by professional Realtors® sold for 20% higher than those sold by owners.

As a professional and full-time Realtor®, I keep up on the market and have access to many tools to help sellers get the best price for their home. Although many people I work with have bought and sold a number of homes, as a Realtor®, I have not only my own experience, but also a network of other professionals that can help respond to those unexpected and varied situations.

It can be tempting to try to go it alone, but consider the following items in the trade-off:

  • Risk to your security in showing your home to people you don’t know
  • No access to real sales data (Texas is a non-disclosure state which means sales prices are not public information.)
  • Experience in how to tell if the buyer is a good risk (i.e., the difference between preapproved and prequalified)
  • Limits on available marketing including syndication across all available platforms
  • Limited access to the professional marketing that a full-time Realtor® has the economy of scale to offer
  • Not having your home listed on the MLS--the system used by all Realtors®
  • Resistance of buyer’s agents to showing your home
  • Unfamiliarity and lack of knowledge on all the necessary forms
  • No access to forms available only to members of Texas Realtors® Association
  • No access to a network of professionals that any good Realtor® has at their fingertips (such as, a professional photographer, the title company and competent escrow officer, or professional tradesmen for problems with A/C, plumbing, roofing, etc.)
  • No go-between when emotions get testy
  • And last but not least....YOUR TIME

A professional Realtor® can help you price your home correctly for your neighborhood and the market, as well as establish a system to allow only licensed people access to your home with a record of their visits. A good Realtor® will work to keep everything going smoothly--the transaction itself and the interactions between the parties.