Did you know that the Texas Veterans Land Board (VLB) loans on homes too? You only need to be a military veteran and have lived in Texas 1 day.

This program works with all types of home loans: VA (of course), conventional, FHA, and USDA. There are some added fees upfront; however, if your disability rating is at least 30%, you should look into the program with your lender*.

The VLB provides a lower interest rate for Texas vets, and this rate is set every Friday. A lower interest rate could make your house payment significantly lower. The higher your disability rating, the more attractive the program gets. Check it out because for a few dollars today, could save you a lot of money.

The VLB program was originally established to provide military veterans an easier way to acquire land in Texas, and these programs are still in place. I'm certified by the VLB to help vets who want to use their service to acquire land or to obtain a Texas Vet loan. Please give me a call. 


*If your lender doesn't do Texas Vet loans, please contact me. The lenders I know that handle Texas Vet loans are very competitive and many customers find their loans are less expensive to get than bank loans.